Womb is a woman? Man? Fundraise Ends in 2 more hours!!!


An Anthropomorphized Uterus: Man or Woman?

 The book we're trying to self-publish "Until the Penis Reaches the Uterus" is narrated by the uterus. Yes, you heard right! The uterus itself talks in first person about endometriosis and hysterectomy.

 By the way, do you image the womb as a man or woman?

 The uterus in or book is neither a man nor a woman, but it talks in a hard-boiled manner. I image the uterus drinking bourbon quietly by himself in a classic-style bar. Kinda like Humphrey Bogart in "Casablanca."


How Does the Uterus Feel before Being Removed?

 When I finally got an appointment for Hysterectomy after a loooong hopital search I was elated. However, I realized it must be awful for the uterus.

 So I tried talking to it.

"Hey, do you hate me for leaving you? Are you mad at me? Do you hate the fact you're being removed?"


 But ofcourse, I didn't hear anything back. As author Nahoko Uehashi says, we can't know what's going inside our own body.

 So I just imagined having a conversation with the uterus. Here is what came to me.


≪Scene: Uterus and I are sitting side by side at a luxurious bar counter. The uterus is sipping bourbon, wearing a hat. I am drinking warm herbal tea. ≫


"Hey do you hate me for leaving you? Are you mad at me? Do you hate the fact you're being removed?"


"Huh? No way!  In fact, why didn't you get rid of me sooner? I hurt you all the time, there was so much bleeding, making you always anemic. I ruined your life, work, hobbies and relationhips. Do you know how frustrating it is, just watching you take in all of that!?  We internal organs are the happiest helping you, the host, to live a rich fulfilling life! To just exist and not have a life, that was the last thing I want to see from you. If your quality of life is going to improve by losing me, that would be more than pleasure for me!"


"But uterus, you're dying, are not you scared?"


"Haha, kiddo, you make me laugh... That's just humans' narrow way of thinking. Us internal organs and cells are individual and one at the same time. My present form is as is because it was temporarily put together as "uterus." If I stop functioning, it is not "death," it's just a change in state of being. Even if it seems like I'm gone, I will always be with you. "


Fundraise Ends in 2 more hours!

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