Hysterectomy CAN Improve Women's Health!


Endometriosis, Considered a Shame in Japan

 When I informed my Japanese parents that I have #endometriosis , they erupted in outrage, excoriating me for bringing disgrace on the family. I guess they consider any type of gynecological condition to be embarrassing and obscene; a serious failure on my part.

 BTW endometriosis isn't a sexually transmitted disease; it's an auto-immune and hormonal condition; can happen to any woman.

 My parents believed that endo was sexually transmitted and nothing I told them would change their minds about it. 

 They asked my how many men I had slept with to get that kind of disease and told me not to go to the Dr.s because it would bring shame to the family.


Endometriosis Made Me Lose Faith in Myself

 From my first menstruation I always had the notion "there's something wrong with my period, it's different from what I hear from my friends."

 Hence it was actually a relief when Dr.s diagnosed me with endo. I'm sure anyone who's had to deal w/ health issues where the cause is unclear will understand what I'm saying.


 I hated myself and my body. I lost faith in myself;  thought the that reason I couldn't put in the same amount of work as other people was due to my lack of worth ethics and character, and always beat myself up for that. 


  I considered myself lucky to be diagnosed with something. As long as the cause is clear, there will be ways to deal with it. 


Hope of having Hysterectomy one day helped me carry on

 Around that time I read in a book:

"Currently, there is no cure for endometriosis… Recurrences after treatment are common. When all else fails, hysterectomy with removal of the ovaries else fails, hysterectomy with removal of the ovaries else fails, hysterectomy with removal of the ovariesis commonly suggested. "

 Hysteretomy probably sounds terrifying to a healthy woman, but to me this information was great news.  When all else fails, I can have hysterectomy! That helped me get through the rougn years.

 All else did fail, 10+ years later when I had become like a vegetable, not living, just existing. I finally decided NOW is the time to get hysterectomy, and went to the hospital.


Doctors refuse hysterectomy on me

 However at the hospital here is what the Japanese Dr. told me: 

"Hysterectomy isn't guaranteed to make you feel any better"

"In the past, a woman got hysterectomy after having a child but she came back wanting to get pregnant again because she remarried"

"You're still young, you never know what your going to want in the future"


 She told me I'm not qualified for hysterectomy, even thought by that time I had uterus adenomyosis, fibroid, and PCOS on top of endo. 

 I was disappointed. Insulted. Enraged. It was hard holding back my tears in her office.

 From that point, it took me about 6months to find a hospital that would perform hysterectomy on me. I visited about 5 clinics and large hospitals total. 

 Currently, it's been a year and a half from my surgery. I'm not as energetic as people with regular health, but I feel about as healthy I was 20 years ago; and that's pretty good in my book. 

 In Japan hysterctomy has such a bad reputation and stigma. But to me it was a procedure that helped me reclaim my health and do things I couldn't do in a long time. If you read my bood you'll see, but that includes sexual life aswell. Hysterectomy really improved the quality of life (QOL) for me.


Want to send the message that hysterectomy can improve QOL

 I wanted to self publish my book because I wanted to send out the message to Japan that "hysterectomy can improve a woman's quality of health.

 Even today, I'm sure there's a Japanese woman with endometriosis being told that

"Hysterectomy isn't guaranteed to make you feel any better"


 I wish I could just bust in there and scream
"Waaaaaait! At least it's made ME feel better!"

 But since I can't do that, I wanted to make it into a book so people unfamiliar with the web will have a chance to read it too. 

 Of course, I'm just one case, hysterectomy may not be for everyone. However, I believe it's for the woman to decide which treatment to get. Everyone's bodies are different and everyone is at a different stage in their lives. There is no ONE treatment that fits ALL women.

All I'm asking is to just let the woman decide for herself which path to take. It's not the doctor's job to start a negative campaign against hysterectomy.

 In Japan many times the patient herself has the least say in how to treat her body, which is not fair, not fair at all. 



 For all of you who contributed, thank you for trusting me, a nobody. I am a nobody but will be even less than nobody without you. I can't express enough how much I appreciate you all. Without you, I won't be able to do this. Love you all very much.  
















"Currently, there is no cure for endometriosis… Recurrences after treatment are common. When all else fails, hysterectomy with removal of the ovaries else fails, hysterectomy with removal of the ovaries else fails, hysterectomy with removal of the ovariesis commonly suggested. (現時点では、子宮内膜症は治らない……療後の再発はよくある。最終的な手段として、卵巣と子宮の全摘出が提案される)"



























「ちょっと待ったぁぁあああ! 私のようなケースもありますよ!」















【告知】大和彩、同人誌制作費のご支援を募集中! - 大和彩_Aya Yamato


















 失職女子こと大和彩、今夏の炎天下、ふと思い立ちました。 「初の同人誌を引っ提げて、11月に東京で開催される第27回文学フリマ​に初出店したい!」  暑さでアタマがやられたわけではございません。



  大和彩は2014年に『失職女子。 ~私がリストラされてから、生活保護を受給するまで』(WAVE出版)を刊行。内容は、タイトルそのまんまです。その後、自身の抱える心身の病とともに生活をつづけてきました。 

▼子宮がなくなると女じゃなくなる? そんなバカな!
▼求む! 制作費





updated: 09/07/2018, 09/18/2018

For my international friends-- Trying to self publish a book!



 Hi, I'm Aya Yamato.

 I won't bore you w/ details but in a nutshell I was harassed and fired from a job, then applied to 100+ jobs but got rejected by all (women over age of 35 don't get hired in Japan). I went on welfare to survive, and wrote about the whole incident in a book "Shisshoku Joshi ("Jobless Woman-- My Journey of Getting Fired to Recieving Welfare)" below,  which was published in 2014.

  The book is available on U.S. Amazon from the link below! 


 Since then my health deteriorated, I have a bunch of conditions including Endometriosis and depression.

 Last year I finally decided to get hysterectomy (the only effective treatment for Endometriosis) because by then I was bedridden, like 20hrs, everyday. 

I was merely existing, not living. 

 However I had such a hard time finding a hospital to perform hysterectomy on me, mainly cuz I'm an unmarried woman w/ no child (the doctors were like "You'll regret this, how can you not want a child!")

  I've been writing about the Endometriosis journey as a serialised column online.


The theme of the Endometriosis series is

 "If a woman loses her uterus, is she not a woman anymore?"
 "How is sex life before-after hysterectomy?"
 "What defines femininity?"
 "How can a woman realize her ideal sex life (expecially in Japan where it is so taboo for women to talk about sex)"

 As you might have guessed, in Japan, a woman without a uterus isn't considered a woman and is expected have no sex life anymore.

 But I don't believe so!

 Femininity isn't defined by a woman's Uterus!


Now the series is finished and my editor and I are having a hard time getting it published, because the theme is... too "controversial" I guess?

So we decided to self publish and collect printing fees by crowd funding!

 I'd really, really, really appreciate it if you could spread the word.


 You Recieve a CUTE Pin Badge in Return!

 For contribution of 1000yen or more, I will send you a cute little pin badge (designed by me...I'll do my best to make it sooooooo cute you can't resist)!


(If you have a Japanese banking account,  to contribute--just go to this blog entry ↓


【告知】大和彩、同人誌制作費のご支援を募集中! - 大和彩_Aya Yamato)


Our Mission for Self-Publishing this Book 

 My wonderful editor wrote a great text explaining this event, I translated it so I can share it with y'all! : 

Please HELP! A jobless woman wants to sell her book at the self-publishing sales event!


 In the deadly Japanese summer heat, Aya Yamato, a jobless woman, was struck with an idea--
"I want to sell my self-published book at the 27th Literature Free Market https://bunfree.net/ , held on Nov.25, 2018!"

 No, she hasn't gone mad because of the heat wave.

 Yamato has never self-published a book or sold it at an event, which is quite scary. But even then, she has a message she wants to send through her book.

 Hello, we are "Gorilla Bunnies" a project team to self publish Aya Yamato's second book.

 In 2014, Yamato published a book "Jobless Woman-- My Journey of Getting Fired to Recieving Welfare" from WAVE Publishing, Inc.

 The content of the book is exactly as explained in the title. Since then, Yamato has been living with her mental and physical condition.

 The next subject Yamato decided to write about was about an end of a phase in one of her long-time illness, and also about a mission she decided to take on at that time.

 This journey has been serialized as a column in "messy," a web-magazine for women from June, 2017 to Feb, 2018.


▼You're not a woman without a Uterus? That's crazy!▼

 The condition which Yamato has been battling for a long time is Endometriosis. It is a common condition, but symptoms vary for every woman. Yamato's condition was quite severe.

 In 2017, doctors agreed to perform her hysterectomy, a procedure to take out the uterus.

 It was good news considering her health condition, but Yamato had concerns, too.

 In Japan there are myths surrounding this particular organ.
"You are not a woman anymore if you lose your uterus"
"Your sex life changes for the worse after hysterectomy"

 Terrible myths, untrue, of course (but a lot of Japanese believe it).

 Yamato couldn't help the impulse to "prove with my body that these rumors are untrue!"

 However at that point, Yamato hadn't had sex in 10 years. How's she ever gonna prove anything, being sexless?

 That was the start of the project "Does the existence of uterus change how a woman feels?"

 Dating applications and mature social gatherings. Yamato, with her surgery only weeks away, meets men whom she had never come across in her life.


▼Mission Statement: To have Aya Yamato's journey read by as many people as possible▼

 We will self-publish the serialized column in a self-published book and sell it.

 To begin with, we will participate in the Literature Flea Market in November (we've already applied and paid to participate).

 The reason Yamato began the column was to let women, who hesitate on getting hysterectomy, know the truth. Many women in Japan believe that without a uterus "I won't be a woman anymore" and that "my sexlife will change for the worse."  Yamato wants them to know that is only a myth and they don't need to worry about that when getting hysterectomy.

 By making this into a book, we hope that even more people can share the truth.


▼Please help! We need printing fees!▼

 That being said, we are broke.

 It is costly to print a book. Yamato is a "Jobless" woman. It is very difficult for her to come up with printing fees.

 Therefore we decided to ask for contributions to create this book. Main use of the money will be as follows:

 ・Creation & Printing …about $700
 ・Fees to create pin-badge in return of contributions…about $150
 ・Miscellaneous…about $100



 Thank you for reading this to the end.

 This book includes many important themes such as below.
"What makes woman a woman?"
"How can a woman realize her ideal sexual life?"
"What is a uterus for woman?"

 Our wish is for more woman and men plus people of all sexualities, to be able read this book, compared to while it was serialized on web.
In order to do so, we sincerely need you contribution.
Thank you for your help, in advance!


*Contributions accepted from 1000yen

*Even if you could just spread the word, we will be deeply grateful!

Thanks again, we look forward to hearing from you!
(written by Yue Miura)


Thank you so much for reading this loooong post! Hope you all are doing well!


updated 09/18/2018

ご支援状況☆彡ありがとうございます Thank You for All Your Support, Updates☆彡


感謝 Our Deepest Gratitude

Thank you all, we've been receiving so many support and positivity!


Currently friends have contributed 52,100yen from polca.



While Japan suffers disasters from continued quakes and power failures, I can only pray that everyone is safe and well.



We really appreciate that out of all the fundings out there, you chose to pledge for us.



Fundraising event continues til the end of Sep, 23 more days to go--we still aim to hit our 100,000yen target!!


Thank you for your continued support! I love all of you!



ポルカでのご支援 To Contribute from polca


Please use the above link.



プロジェクト概要 Info on this Project


【告知】大和彩、同人誌制作費のご支援を募集中! - 大和彩_Aya Yamato


* * * *


Again thanks for all your support! We've been really encouraged and empowered!


updated 09/18/2018 


A Crowd Funding Company Declined our Project, saying Hysterectomy is "Indecent"

Japanese version of this entry from here 





 You might have thought that funding for our book is difficult because Japan has declining birthrate and don't want women to have hysterectomy, but I think the root of the cause is more barbaric. 

 I'll explain why below.

Message We Want to Spread Through this Book 

  •  Is a person not a woman withough a uterus?
  •  How is sex life after hysterectomy? 
  •  How do you define a woman?
  •  How can a woman realize her ideal sex life?

 I used to write a serialized column featuring the above themse on the web site "messy"  titled "Until the Penis Reaches the Uterus--Sex Before and After Hysterectomy."

This is the message I wanted to send through this series. 

 "A person does not cease being a woman due to a  loss of a uterus. There is no change in sex after hysterectomy. There is no need for a  woman considering hysterectomy to worry about those things; she should concentrate on her treatment."


 "Messy" is a site geared towards women and readers are mainly young women. To send this message to more people in Japan, my editor and I decided to self-publish the column into a book (one of those dojinshi type books). 

We want to spread the message to older women (after menopause many women get hysterectomy) and men, also people of all sexuality, trans-gender people. Some women are born without a uterus; that doesn't make her less of a woman. 

 Our dream is to spread this message, considered a taboo to even mention, all over Japan.


Why We wereDeclined by the Largest Crowdfunding Co.

 Since we don't have funds to print the book, we decided to ask for contributions through crowd funding, and applied to the largest crowdfunding platform in Japan.

 However, our project was declined by the company running the platform, reason being the theme is too "わいせつ (translated as Indecent, Sexually explicit, Immoral, Obscene)" and that "it might cause significant, inappropriate SEXUAL AROUSAL in juveniles."


My Crowdfunding Illusions?

 I believed crowdfunding is a wonderful thing, an icon for the future. I thought of crowdfunding as revolutionary method, allowing to break down barriers between people and help realize society that values friendship, peace, and equality. 

 I can't put into words how discouraged and sad I was to have our dreams, to spread the message, labled as Indecent, Sexually explicit, Immoral and Obscene. 

 My shock was beyond workds since I really believed that people involved in crowdfunding would be more open minded.

 Was it just an illusion to think of crowdfunding as revolutionary?


Any Woman has the Possiblity of Getting Endometriosis 

 There is possiblilty for any woman to have endometriosis. I hate to even mention this, but it is NOT a sexually transmitted disease either, as commonly believed in Japan. Sexual experience, age, experience of childbirth, does not cause nor prevent endometriosis. Therefore any woman has the possibility of experiencing hysterectomy as well.

 That might be your mother. Woman after menopause commonly have hysterectomy. It may be your wife, daughter, sister, friend. Anyone with a uterus has the possiblity of having endomtriosis and hysterectomy. 


 Let's imagine your loved one saying to you one day,

"I'm going to have hysterectomy soon, and I'm scared." 

 What are you going to do?

 Are you going to say

 "Don't mention such Indecent, Sexually explicit, Immoral and Obscene things to me!"


Women Not Included in This Company's Concept of Society?

 I really have no clue why trying to find out about endometriosis and hysterectomy, and how one's life might change due to it, would be seen as Indecent, Sexually explicit, Immoral or Obscene.

 "To democratize the process of fundraising and to create society where everyone has a voice"

 This is the Mission Statement of the company that we applied to.

 "Society where everyone has a voice"??

 Do only men exist in the "society" this company is mentioning?

 Are women not included in "everyone" who should have a voice?

Japan Doesn't Allow Women to Improve her QOL

 I do not hold contempt for the company which called our project indecent etc. Ironically, the app "polca" we're using for Japanese friends is owned by that company.

 But I did want our international friends to know the current Japanese situation with women's health, which is probably about a 100yrs. behind the U.S.

 In Japan, oral contraceptive and pailess childbirth still isn't common in Japan. Somehow Japanese people hate the idea of women improving her quality of life through medicine and medical procedures, especially when it comes to reproductive organs.


Thanks for reading this to the end!!










  messy での連載『子宮にちんぽが届くまで~摘出前後のセックス~ 』です。









































【告知】大和彩、同人誌制作費のご支援を募集中! - 大和彩_Aya Yamato