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Japanese version:


 I read the "The Deer King (Nakahashi Noriko)."  It is a super good read highly recommended, a MUST read if you have a medical condition.There are three themes to this bookaccording to the author:

"One can not know what is happening inside their own body"
"Inside the human body, viruses, bacteria and others elements correct and fight with each other day by day"
"This phenomenon is similar to how society functions"

The Deer King Synopsis


 It is a story where cultural anthropology, politics, aristocracy, warriors, female assassinator, spy group and general people are intertwined. Plus there are action scenes and forbidden love story involved. On TOP of that the book covers the theme "What is disease?" "What is life?"

 The book is so intricate, I'm gonna  explain only one part of the book:

 Story takes place in a land recently occupied by Zol Empire. People of Zol do not drink animal milk or inject vaccines or medicine because they believe it is "穢れ(a Japanese concept where the soul becomes impure)". Zols also believe that one becomes sick become his/her actions were "filthy" and the body has lost its purity.

 When the Zol empire prince catches a deadly disease called "black wolf fever," he actually sacrifices his life by refusing medicinde by injection saying, "I'd rather die than lose my purity."

Female Disease = Filthiness?

 When I read this part, I recalled the time when I informed my family about my endometriosis. Here are some of the things they told me:

"What sort of filthy things did you do to get this condition( in reality, a more vulgar expression was used)?"
"Don't leave the house, don't go to the Doctor's because our family will be shamed."
"Do not get any testing done."
"Do not take medicine."

 At this time, I had no clue what they were saying and got confused.

 Endometriosis is an autoimmune and hormonal disease. Sickness is caused because  immunes attack its own body, which it shouldn't do. So it's due to the body's control system having a glitch. It is not a disease caused by viruse or bacteria. Endometriosis is NOT STD! That is why there is no cure for endometriosis currently.

Japanese Belief: "Filth" Contaminates the Entire Family

 However, upon reading this book I finally came to the realization that my family's words are from their belief that illness is caused by ones "filthy actions," and  medical examination and medicine causes "impurity in the body." 

 Especially in Japan, the indigenous belief that associates women with impurity is still  prevailent. Long ago, women were isolated from their community and confined to a hut during menstruation since she was deemed "filthy." Even today women are not allowed on Sumo rings; words such as menstruation or uterus are considered "obscene, "as I experienced.

 My family is still slave to that ancient faith. Me, a woman (filthy by nature according to them), to have a condition associated with menstruation, considered the PINNACLE of filthiness was just NOT ACCEPTABLE. My family went bezerk when I told them I have endo, cuz in Japan one family member's "filth" is believed to contaminate the entire family. This belief live to this day; it is considered a social faux pas to send New Year 's cards to people whose relatives have died the past year.

 Now I understand what they were really saying to me was "No way, You DO NOT have a uterus condition because if you do, that make US filthy!"


Is YOUR Uterus "Filthy?"

 So in Japan the Uterus itself is often times seen as a "filthy" organ, but I don't believe so! How about your Uterus? Is it filthy? Ofcourse not! The Uterus is a good organ; and I'm not saying this because it allows women to carry children. 

Contribution Deadline TODAY!!

 The book we're trying to self-publish, "Until the Penis Reaches the Uterus" is narrated by the Uterus itself. Yes, you get to read the Uterus itself how it feels to be a Uterus with endometriosis and to get hysterectomy.



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